Ghanaians want Nana Addo to fight crime – IEA report

A research conducted by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) has revealed that majority of Ghanaians feel unsafe and want the President to address security concerns in the country.

37.1 percent of the 1,641 Ghanaians interviewed stated that the Nana Addo-led government must prioritise fighting crime and promote personal safety.

19.4 percent of people interviewed also stated that the president must strengthen the judiciary while 19.5 percent of Ghanaians also want government to prioritise peace and security.

On corruption 43.0 percent of Ghanaians want the president to investigate and punish corrupt officials.

35.4 percent of respondents also called on the president to expedite action on appointing the independent prosecutor to deal with corrupt public officials while 21.6 percent of them called for the enforcement of corruption laws and sanction people.

Speaking during the presentation of the findings, senior lecturer at the University of Ghana, Political Science Department, Professor Ransford Gyampoh expressed grief at the murder of his student Captain Maxwell Mahama saying he hopes the police will ensure that the culprits are penalized.

He also added that it is not surprising that majority of Ghanaians want corrupt officials punished.

“I am not surprised that this is topping even though government is upbeat about fighting corruption…the views of the people suggest that they prefer government appoint the Independent Public Prosecutor,” he said.

IEA’s research was to assess if expectations of Ghanaians have been met by the policies of the new government.