Soldier lynching “barbaric” – Emile Short

A former commissioner of CHRAJ Justice Emile Short has condemned the lynching of a young military, who was mistaken as an armed robber in Diaso in the Central region.

Captain Maxwell Mahama, who was the Detachment Commander at Diaso helping curb illegal mining known as galamsey, was killed and burnt during his routine jogging exercise Monday dawn.

Speaking to Ultimate Breakfast Show Tuesday, Justice Short described the act as “barbaric” and unacceptable in a civilised country like Ghana.

“Well this practice of lynching is a very barbaric practice … and it’s totally unacceptable in a civilised and democratic society,” the human rights advocate told host Lantam Papanko.

He added: “It completely violates the rule of law, in any democratic society governed by the rule of law. Institutions have been put in place to deal with crime, the police, judiciary and so on, and these institutions must be allowed to do whatever they have been empowered to do… It’s a very dangerous practice, it doesn’t give a good impression to the international community about our country.”

A 35-member military delegation led by the chief of army staff Maj. Gen. William Azure Ayamdo is in the area on a fact-finding mission.