Shop n Save Supermarkets rewards ‘Grab to Win’ promo winners

Shop n Save Supermarkets has presented a brand new Hyundai Accent to a lucky customer at the just ended ‘Grab to Win’ promo in Accra which started off on 16 March this year.

The Grab to Win promotion rewarded customers for their unwavering loyalty and patronage of Shop n Save Supermarkets.

Representatives of the NLA were present to establish that the promotion was guided by the rules of the National Lottery Authority with all transparency.

The winner, Steve Kwaku Acheampong, a 33-year-old who runs a family business in Accra, is the lucky customer to receive the brand new car. It was a display of satisfaction when Acheampong was accompanied to unveil the sleek Hyundai Accent car with Mr. Michael Chambers, the Managing Director of Shop n Save Supermarkets.

“It’s a dream to get a brand new car. I’m still living in a dream world and I don’t want to wake up. Shop n Save Supermarkets has amazing prices and great customer service, secured environment and friendly staff. I will always shop at Shop n Save. They are the best. I’m driving home this car,” Acheampong said.

Mr Chambers said the promotion has rewarded customers and showed the company’s gratitude for their loyalty over the years they have been operating in Ghana.

“Our immediate plans are to increase our branches in Accra, we have one in Takoradi. We have acquired a site in Kumasi and we’ll be moving there in a couple of years. Beyond that we will extend to other parts of Ghana and West Africa in the very long time,” he added.