Traders leader’s shop set ablaze

A structure used for the sale of second hand attires belonging to a leader of aggrieved petty traders and hawkers in Tamale on Wednesday afternoon was attacked and burnt completely by unknown men in an escalated tensions between traders and city authorities over an ongoing decongestion exercise that drove them away from the streets.

Supporters of a chief, Mohammed Hafiz Demanaa who was severely pounded in a confusion on Tuesday are suspected to be behind the arson attack on the kiosk near the main taxi park.

Many items including bales of clothes were completely destroyed.

The Chief in charge of Entertainment was seriously assaulted when he led gun wielding soldiers who have been set loose since last week to again evict the hawkers from a new trading point temporarily provided and approved by three prominent Chiefs in Tamale.

Demanaa as he is popularly known incurred wrath of the traders when he allegedly made sacrilegious remarks against Bug-lana, the traditional head of Tamale saying he had no power to allocate place for business.

The traders angered by the pronouncement pounced on him in the presence of the soldiers and landed blows on his cheeks repeatedly until he fell down on his buttocks.

According to spokesperson for the traders, Mohammed Awal the chief after the incident ordered his men to burn down the kiosk after accusing him of orchestrating the attack.

He said the chief, noted for his obscene remarks and needless controversies has turned the exercise into a political witch-hunt and was targeting perceived supporters of the opposition NDC.

The entertainment Chief, an old American Soldier was a member of the security detail of the then vice presidential candidate of the NPP,  Mahamadu Bawumia anytime he visited the Northern region.

Last year he made headlines and drew public anger when he claimed on live radio he had had sex with most ladies in Tamale including married women.

Speaking to Starr News from the Buglana palace where the traders had massed up again to stage a street demonstration, Awal said they were going to march to the residence of the Northern regional NPP chairman,  Daniel Bugri Naabu to inform him about the development.

He noted that if the entertainment chief is not called to order, the simmering tension may spiral into violent confrontations.

He said the traders would occupy the street if city authorities do not provide conducive alternative for their business.

The Buglana was able to restrain the angry traders from embarking on the street protest and called for a meeting between politicians and city authorities.

The traders are blaming city authorities of not providing alternatives before demolishing their structures on expressways and sacking them from the streets.  They also claim market spaces are being given to wealthy traders and private institutions like banks and eateries.

They have refused to go to the Kukuo and Lamashegu markets saying they are no enough spaces.