ATL adjudged Textile Manufacturer of the Year

The Akosombo Textiles Limited (ATL) has been adjudged Textiles Manufacturing Company of the Year 2016 at the Ghana Manufacturing Awards (GMA) organised by Xodus Communications and endorsed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Mr Francis Villars, a representative from ATL, received a plaque on behalf of the company.

The event, held at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra, attracted the crème de la crème in the textile manufacturing industry.

Mr Sam Hemans-Arday, the Marketing Manager of ATL, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said the criteria for selection was the amount of sales made in the year adding: “ATL’s survival owes much to its strategy of continuing to produce innovative and creative designs in its own studio and also to the transfer of ABC wax technology from England to Ghana in 2006”.

He bemoaned market conditions and its impact on the textile industry adding; “the flooding of the West African textile markets with cheap, smuggled prints from Asia, often copies of original designs originally produced by local textile manufacturers together with the pirating of locally produced brand names such as ATL and Da Viva, had a damaging effect on ATL’s market share.”

Mr Hemans-Arday said notwithstanding the challenges persisting, the fashion industry in Africa is growing with Ghana experiencing a growth in fashion brands, designs, production shops and schools.

“We will embark on a programme to build long lasting relationships with stakeholders in the African fashion industry and facilitate the creation of a West African fashion system that will help the development of micro-small-medium fashion design enterprises in an ethical manner through skill improvement, education, personal development and growth,” he said.

He said: “The African fashion industry has the potential to drive Africa’s future and provide solutions to pressing social problems such as youth unemployment through the diversification of local industries and by adding more value to locally produced commodity products.”

He said access to ABC’s extensive design archive and its creative design studio in England had significantly strengthened ATL’s position and allowed ATL to expand its export markets in the ECOWAS sub-region.